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Holistic Life Coach & Head Chef and Founder of Breaking Bread with Mira, Inc. Yamira Lee "Mira" Johnson Marchany  Holistic Life Coach, Wellness Chef, Licensed Food Safety Manager &  founder of Breaking Bread with Mira, Inc. 

At Breaking Bread with Mira, Inc., we are committed to serving our community by providing essential resources, services, and products to help you manage your health and wellness journey.  

Breaking Bread with Mira adds fresh, wholesome ingredients to make delicious handcrafted dishes.  Yamira Lee "Mira" Johnson’s expertise and training include traditional Caribbean, American, and International recipes. 


 "I'm blessed to say that creating scrumptious, healthy recipes is one of my God-given gifts."

Johnson has a solid background in corporate management, and quality control and vast experience in the education, health, and communications industries. Chef Mira brings over 35 years of cooking experience to the table. While enjoying a  thriving career in customer service and sales, her family and friends’ encouraging feedback, led her into the culinary industry.  After extensive research, education, training, and building a strategy, Breaking Bread with Mira Inc. was born.  ​​

Over eight years ago, Chef Mira increasingly began to experience joint inflammation and chronic pain. Little did she know that part of her healing process would lead her to earn a Holistic Life Coach certification. While serving a community in seeking more wholesome foods, she began to share her experience dealing with chronic pain and inflammation, and how switching to cleaner nutrition impacted her healing process. Now as a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Chef Mira shares with others the joy of cooking and how wholesome ingredients and easy recipes can help improve overall well-being and complement a more mindful lifestyle. 

A very important part of ​ Breaking Bread with Mira's mission is to directly impact Central Florida communities and the world one dish at a time. When you support Breaking Bread with Mira's classes, foods, products, and services you are also supporting initiatives and projects that are helping make communities better and stronger.


"Mixing flavors, colors, and textures in the kitchen gives me a great sense of joy, and it helps me connect with those who enjoy food as much as I do. Sharing with others how to make delicious and wholesome food in easy-to-follow steps, it's a great way to help the community."  Chef Mira. 


Chef Mira has served and partnered with community-based organizations and private corporations to improve the quality of life of children, veterans, individuals, and families enduring life transitions, in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Central Florida. 

Some community initiatives supported by Mira; ​

Healthy Cooking & Holistic Life Coach for Positively U Central Florida 2020 

Healthy Cooking Instructor Simply Healthcare, Orlando Family Physicians, Family Physicians Group 2017-

Author of the How to Cook for a Healthy Colon eBook in collaboration with Urbander and

The Central Florida Colon Cancer Organization for the Colon Cancer Screening initiative in Spanish 2019

Preferred Vendor, Orange County Library Systems Cuisine Corner Program Since 2015-

Preferred Vendor Hillsborough Tampa Public Library Cooperative 2020-

Cooking Instructor QLATINX Community Cocina Program- 2017-2019

Preschool Ambassador Volunteer, Early Learning Coalition of Orange County 2017 

Volunteer, University of Central Florida, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, 2017

Holistic-Emotional Intelligence Coach, DRW Life Skills Institute, UCF Business Incubator 2016-
Certificate in Volunteer Management, Rollins College, Edyth Bush Institute for

Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership 2016  

Volunteer Chef at Feeding Children Everywhere, 2016-2017 

Mentor / Emotional Intelligence Speaker New Journey Youth Center 2015- 

Speaker, Summit on Puerto Rican Affairs " A vision for the future"  2016 

Volunteer Chairwomen,  New Beginning Children  Aid Mission 2012 to 2015

Volunteer, President, Co-Founder, Grant Writer Feed & Fortify Community Organization 2012-2016

Awarded Top Digital Influencer, LATISM 2015

Volunteer Communication Committee Public Relations Society of America - 2013 


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