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5 Benefits of cold press juicing fresh fruits and veggies.

Well, only you can decide if juicing fits your wellness routing. However, I'm going to share 5 benefits experts agree on cold press fresh fruit and vegetable juicing at home.1.       Fresh cold press pressed juices are packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.2.       Since cold pressed fresh juice lacks fiber, they are easily absorbed through digestion. It is important to keep in mind that whole fruit or blending keep fiber in the content which is also a benefit to the digestive system.3.       While juicing, you can add meaningful vegetables that otherwise you might not eat.4.       Because you can drink more juice than eat the actual fruit, you can also consume more nutrients.5.       Experts agree that the high volume of nutrients in fresh pressed juices may positively impact diseases, by boosting the immune system.Best Practice Tip   Pressed fruit and vegetable juices should be consumed fresh, to avoid bacteria growth, since is not pasteurized.   Be sure to clean your fruit and utensils well, to avoid any contamination.   Plan your juicing time accordingly.   Apple cider vinegar, lime and lemons are great flavor enhancers and preservatives for fresh juice.   Enjoy the process of crafting your juice, with fresh flavors.
In the past couple of years, juicing has taken off as a popular trend on the internet. It’s easy to find social media influencers posting their juicing tips and habits. However, is cold press juicing fresh vegetables and fruits really a good practice to adopt?

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