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Mira Coach | Living & Aging Well

​I'm Yamira  Lee "Mira"  Johnson Certified Holistic Life Coach, Licensed Food Safety Manager, Wellness Cook & and Food Whisperer.

My own wellness journey led me on a quest for answers to understand how to deal with autoimmune and other modern lifestyle diseases.


You'll find in our blog health and wellness best practices, expert-curated content, and resources to learn how to find wholeness while staying on track with life's demands. 

Our blog is based on life experiences, anecdotal evidence, expert collaborations, the latest research, and news.


All the content shared here is for educational purposes only, and it does not intend to replace medical advice or diagnose any health conditions. Always consult with a trusted medical professional. 


We believe in sharing problem-solving content and products, that have helped us bring value to our family, friends, and people we serve. 


Please take note that we might receive Payment for affiliate links, services, and products shared through our website and store to help support our business operation. 


Thank you for being so supportive of small businesses! 

Enjoy Much Peace & Health



Hello Wellness Seekers! Thank you for visiting our blog. 

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