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Mira Coach | Living & Aging Well

Living & Aging Well

Cooking Classes, Demonstrations Workshops, Holistic Life Resources 

Our vision is to share evidence-based non-opioid

alternatives, to improve chronic pain and inflammation,

by making lifestyle modifications, including strategic

movement, improving nutrition, and intentional rest. 

“My mission is to help women struggling with fibromyalgia and lifestyle diseases win the battle against chronic pain and inflammation”

Online, Onsite Cooking classes, Demos, and Workshops. 

Certified Holistic Life, Nutrition, and Movement Coach. 

Serving Central Florida & Beyond. ​

"We are Uplifting Connections, with Wholesome Food, Evidence-based Wisdom, and Holistic Resources". 

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Virtual & Hands-On Guided Cooking Classes 2023

From the very first class, food enthusiasts will grasp essential techniques and best practices to craft delectable dishes in a safe and hygienic kitchen setting. Throughout the course, participants will have full access to a well-equipped kitchen, complete with a pantry and 20 professional-grade tools.

Instruction will be provided by Coach & Wellness Chef Mira, ensuring each participant receives expert guidance.

Topics covered in the course include, but are not limited to:

  • Food and Kitchen Safety: Learn the essentials of maintaining a safe cooking environment.

  • Meal Prep Mastery: Discover how to prepare meals efficiently, keeping wellness, time, and budget in mind.

  • Nutritional Insights: Dive deep into the nutritional value of various ingredients.

  • Meal Planning & Budgeting: Equip yourself with skills to plan and budget for meals effectively.

  • Understanding Ingredients: Get acquainted with healthier options for oils, salts, vinegar, and sugars.

  • Condiments and Spices  Know-How: Explore different condiment groups and their culinary applications.

  • Pasta Perfection: Craft hand-made pasta and master three classic sauces - marinara, Alfredo, and herb-infused.

  • One-Pot Wonders: Dive into the techniques of stir-frying and sautéing for quick and delicious meals.

  • Dietary Considerations: Learn to use all-natural ingredients, with a focus on plant-based and gluten-free options.

  • Wholesome Baking: Experiment with alternative flour and how to bake to perfection.

Class investment is based on group size, topic, and class duration. 

Seeking Effective Pain and Inflammation Management Solutions?

You're not alone in your quest for relief!

Discover the potential of stem cell-activating patches and fascia-blasting tools, designed to help you manage pain and reduce inflammation.

Dive deep into two non-invasive, non-opioid, patented therapies that aim to empower you in your fight against pain and inflammation, guiding you toward your healing objectives.

LiveWave X39 Stem Cell Activating Patches:

  • Approved by the FDA for pain management.

  • Recognized for enhancing sleep patterns, reducing inflammation, and promoting internal rejuvenation.

  • This innovative phototherapy technology boosts copper peptides in stem cells, offering a non-invasive, proven, and patented treatment.

Fascia Blaster Tool:

  • Specifically designed to treat body fascia and enhance lymphatic drainage and function.

  • Beyond pain and inflammation management, it also promotes weight loss and skin tightening.

  • A non-invasive, proven, and patented treatment. 

Functional Integrative Medicine Resources: 

  • Evidence based articles and content 

  • Integrative medicine practitioners directory 

  • Holistic and emotional intelligence resources 

  • Non opoid alternatives to manage pain and inflamma

  • Functional therapy tools, equipment and more 

Take charge of your healing journey! 

Our Service Commitment 

  • Testimonials: Hear from our satisfied clients.

  • Hospitality: Experience our warm and welcoming service.

  • Project Management: Witness our organized and efficient approach.

  • Branded Cooking Videos: Let us bring your vision to life.

  • Meal Prep Services: Enjoy our tailored culinary preparations.

  • Cooking Classes: Effective and efficient techniques to dominate in the kitchen.

  • Happy Customers: The heart of our success.

  • Improved Services: We constantly evolve to serve you better.

  • Business Growth: A testament to our dedication and hard work.

  • Community Support: Giving back is integral to our mission.

  • Reviews: Read feedback from our valued clientele.

Our success relies on your wellness and satisfaction!


-Laisa, St Cloud FL, August 8, 2016

Healthy Meal Plans

"The dishes from last week were delightful! The children thoroughly enjoyed the cilantro r with pasta, and the chicken mango quinoa was a hit. Having everything served separately was an excellent choice".

— Tonya M. June 6, 2016

Event Catering (Drop off) Thumbtack Verified Review

"Mira was wonderful to work with and the food was awesome! Can't wait to have another party so she can cook again for us!"

— Valentina J. Orlando Fl. on Yelp 

Cooking Classes 

"I took Mira's class on making Pastelón at the Orlando Public Library and was blown away! Mira is personable, professional, and flexible. A fussy child in the room didn't distract her and she was even able to engage the child to enjoy the food. The dish was delicious and she even showed us how to make it a little healthier. I hope the library brings her back and I look forward to future classes!
Update: Went home and made some delicious pastelón (the healthier version with mashed plantains the way Mira taught us).
Went home and made an island take on Colombian alafores that Mira taught us. Reduced some guava paste with orange juice and turned them into thumbprints. Delicious!"

Let our expertise inspire

you as we turn dreams

into reality.

Featured Events & Cooking Classes at Home!

The kitchen is a fusion of art and chemistry, where culinary techniques blend colors, textures, and flavors into mouthwatering dishes.

Food not only fuels our bodies but also evokes emotions, memories, and new adventures.

Join us for easy-to-follow cooking techniques and tips, ensuring your time in the kitchen is both efficient and delightful.

Online Cooking Classes:

  • Learn from the comfort of your home, wherever you are.

  • Participate in our global events. Check our site for dates and ensure your tech is set up. Need help? Email us.

  • We've hosted both live and online classes at various locations, including libraries, medical offices, community centers, and more.


Virtual Classes:

  • Available for individuals or groups.

  • Includes ingredients, kitchenware tips, recipe eBook, activities, and wellness resources.

  • Perfect for corporate team building or youth programs.


Wholesome Cooking Demos (Online):

  • Join Wellness Chefs and Holistic Coaches as they share recipes, cooking techniques, and plating ideas.


Virtual Food and Wine Tastings:

  • Experience wine pairing with tapas-style recipes. We'll send an eBook with recipes and a shopping list.

  • Customize this event to fit your group's needs. For guests 21 and older.

Food Ingredients in Bowls

Take a Look at Our Special Deals

Cooking Classes, and Products

Discover the joy of cooking in our hands-on and online classes, where seasoned chefs guide you through the art and science of culinary creation. From mastering basic techniques to exploring global cuisines, embark on a flavorful journey that tantalizes the taste buds and sharpens your skills. Suitable for beginners and seasoned cooks alike, our classes promise an enriching and delicious experience

Stay tune for the 2024 on site and on line class schedule. 

Private Cooking Class

Explore the therapeutic power of functional integrative therapies. Mira's book  Non Opioid Alternatives for Chronic Pain and Inflammation Book, Win the Battle Against Lifestyle and Autoimmune Diseases  breaks down some of the most popular autoimmune and lifestyle diseases, and the non opioid evidence based alternatives available to help you navigate your wellness journey.  

In her Mediterranean Foodie Tour Book, Mira shares delectable recipes from her latest travels to the Old World. Easy to make Mediterranean recipes full of flavor. 

Find the perfect gifts for you and your loved ones. From branded Mira Coach meal prep tools like journals, containers, mugs, water bottles, aprons and more

Also wholesome weekly menus with easy to make recipes, nutritional value, micros, macros, and shopping list. 


Mira also offers the lates evidence based integrative therapy tools through our affiliate links placed in our blog. 

Food Ingredients in Bowls

Notes From Happy Customers

What Our Clients Say

Mira is unbelievable! She is so talented and is so passionate about living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is an amazing chef and keeps the meal tasting great while also keeping it very healthy. She is encouraging and has a beautiful spirit. She truly is an inspiration. I would recommend her to anyone and to have her cater at any event! She makes everything and anything you could ever want, exactly how you want. This woman has a heart of gold and that makes the food taste even better.

Tori N. Orlando FL on Yelp

"Mira is incredible!!! Top notch service all the way around. I am out of state but needed to arrange a dinner for a couple in state. She went out of her way to be helpful and flexible even when I had to change the date. Mira surprised the couple with a yummy Kosher meal that they are still talking about to this day. Easy to work with, reasonable prices and true professional. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a great chef. A++++"

Susan M. Ferndale, MI on Yelp 

Chef Mira is a creative and talented chef who works hard to provide a successful event. Her commitment to quality and great service are her trademarks. Thanks Chef Mira!

Terry Ann Orlando FL on Yelp 

Our Partners

Breaking Bread with Mira, Inc., offers:

Online, Onsite, On Demand Cooking Classes! 

Living and Aging Well offers:

Online Holistic Life Coaching, evidence based integrative medicine resources, and Cooking Books and Meal Prep eBooks. 

Serving from the Foundry Center in Winter Springs! 

We appreciate your continued support!

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